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Fussey Logo Midnight Black Longsleeve

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Tie Dye 'X' Shorts

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Embroidered Fussey Logo Black Crewneck

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'Why So Fussey' Yellow Hoodie

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Women’s Blue Tee and Shorts Set

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Women’s Blue Crewneck and Shorts Set

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'Why So Fussey' Blue Crewneck

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Women's Tie Dye 'X' Embroidered Tee

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Why So Fussey?

Our vision

Fussey is a play on words - it's spelt wrong on purpose. But in a world so judgemental, we forget that it's okay to be wrong sometimes. It's okay not to be perfect and it's okay not to fit in. In fact, this is exactly what we stand for. To stand out, to refute normality. Don't be fussy - be Fussey.

Only then will you find true freedom.

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